Many thanks to Baris Gülgez, M.D.

I met my doctor Barış Gülgez on May 8, 2018. I had operation on May 14th. I had a weight problem since my childhood. Although I tried everything myself, right or wrong, but I haven’t been able to lose weight in any way. On the contrary, I always gained more and more weight.

At a stage that I gave up, convinced that I would not succeed in any way, doctor Barış Gülgez came into my life. Thanks to doctor Barış Gülgez, I went into the operation free of all the fears, all the doubts that I had. I was discharged after staying at the hospital for 3 days. 7 days later, I was already back to work. I can still have a dialogue with doctor Gülgez whenever I want and get great replies to my questions. Moreover, if you do not call for a while, he contacts you and asks how you are proceeding Thank you doctor Barış Gülgez. Your role in my new life cannot be denied. I thank you very much for my self-confidence, my happiness, -40 kilograms and myself