DENTAL-PROSTHESISFirst, rotten teeth are removed and then a healing process is needed for the tissue to heal itself thoroughly. After your dentist takes the exact measurements of your month, an exact model will be made. Several appointments are arranged and the exactness of the model is put to trial. After several trials, the patient reports whether the dentures are fit or not. Normally, new dentures feel different and time is needed for the patient to get accustomed to the dentures. In order not to scratch the surface of the dentures, it is advised for the patient with new dentures to use a soft tooth brush and clean both the tooth surface and the tongue. It is also advised for the patient with new dentures to use oral rinse after consuming food with high sugar. You can preserve the dentures in a glass full of water at night where small children cannot reach.

Types of Dentures

Denture prosthodontics is divided into two different types: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are implemented when all teeth are missing in one area and partial dentures are used when there is only one teeth missing to which surrounding teeth can be used as support. Our teeth are not only important to achieve day-to-day tasks like eating, they are also an important part of our look and the way they look influence our social life more than we would like to admit.

Dentures are effective to restore missing teeth and re-form our look with a beautiful smile. Dentures are applied if you have lost all of your teeth, if you have gum disease or tooth decay or dental injuries. Dentures are the fastest and most effective dental treatment that can be applied immediately. After the treatment is done, your facial muscles will be restored to their original form and you will enjoy an enormous change in the way you smile and look.

Is There An Alternative to Dentures Treatment?

Dental implant treatments may be seen as a new oral treatment that can be used in replacing dentures. The age of the patient and the conditions of the teeth that a treatment will be implemented, however, influences the treatment choice greatly. Therefore, no matter how many alternative treatments there are, working with the treatment that your dentists advises is the healthiest and safest way.

How Is A Denture Made?

First, an appointment has to be made with your dentist. In traditional and old denture treatments, the process would include taking measurements of the teeth that a denture will be made and giving the measurements to a lab for producing the teeth. With this old method, the patient had to go to the clinic, try the model and if the model did not fit the patient would have to come back for another trial when a new model was ready. This old method that creates a very unnecessary waste of time is not being used by Myra Dental. Thanks to Cerec CAD/CAM machine that is being used in Myra Dental, the measurements for the denture can be taken in only one appointment. There is no need for the denture to be made either, as 3D technology enables the denture to be produced in a short time and the denture model can be tried on the patient immediately. This way, your denture treatment can be completed in the shortest time possible and no unnecessary appointments are needed that waste your precious time.

Will It Be Difficult to Eat With New Dentures?

New dentures may feel a bit different, but they do not cause any problems in your daily routine. In order to get used to that different feeling when a new denture is placed, you can choose to eat food that is in smaller proportions and chew with both sides of the mouth. It is advised to avoid food that is too hot, too sticky, too sharp or too hard. It is also advised to avoid chewing gum and toothpick.



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