Thanks to You, Healthier Days Await Us

I cannot thank or praise you enough, from the reception at the entrance to the cleaning personnel, they all deserve congratulations.

Erdal Kayhan, M.D. Sleeve Gastrectomy Operation

We receive health services at Konyaaltı Şifa Hospital. We express our satisfaction al the time. We felt the same expressions at your Varsak branch

Thanks to Your Hospital

I have been to almost all departments of the hospital, all of the staff, reception, nurses, doctors, are all friendly, good at their jobs, attentive and resourceful and you

The Most Talented Surgeon in the World for Me

The most talented, the best surgeon in the world and for me most importantly, he is sincere, decent and a gentleman. He performed an extremely successful sleeve gastrectomy on me

I Regained My Health Thanks to You

Dear doctor, before I met you, my health problems were extreme, my weight problem affected many of my internal organs and my blood pressure was troubling me (in spite of the medication I took).

I Got Down to 66 Kilograms from 130 Kilograms

My dearest doctor who gave life to me again, I cannot thank you enough. You gave me the opportunity for a nice, healthy, high quality life with your magical hands