Zirconium Dental CoatingZirconium Dental Crowns

We will cover zirconium dental coating, Gold Crown, Porcelain Crown and Zirconium Crown advantages in this article. Zirconium is the most preferred material for dental coating.

The tooth crown is the section of the tooth where enamel and dentin is referred together. Zirconium crown also represents this section.

Advantages of Zirconium Dental Coating are as follows:

  • Durability
  • Endurable against wears and breaks
  • Preferable due to being similar to natural teeth in the mouth
  • Less tooth extract
  • Changeable size, shape and color
  • Bio-adaptability

To get more insight

The aesthetic, given by zirconium to tooth view, is the biggest advantage of zirconium. It is important for people that front teeth have a natural tooth view. Zirconium crown can be modified according to tooth set in the mouth and the width and length of the crown blocks are very important. Therefore, expert dentist support is important to have a perfect view and to have each step made attentively.

It is impossible to remove the crown, which is burnt with ultra-high temperature and it does not break or give damage to the human body. Staying in the mouth for a long time does not create any problem because the material is bio-adapted. Human body accepts it because it does not create any inconvenience for any part of the body to have negative effects in the mouth.

Advantages of Gold Crown, Porcelain Crown and Zirconium Crown

Gold crown has been used for many years by many people and it is also proved that gold crown is fully accepted by human body however, gold crown does not have the same effects on smile as other crown does. Gold crown, which reflects the wealth situation, is still used for dental coating. Porcelain crowns must be fixed onto a metal plate and there is a black ugly view between metal porcelain crowns and human gingiva.

Zirconium dental coating is definitely more concrete than porcelain crowns. It is used in the dentistry under the zirconia ceramic form, which is produced form zirconium mineral, zirconia. Moreover, zirconia is a unique mineral which has the most natural version of monoclonal crystal structure and ceramics, which are enriched with zirconium oxides, are one of the most important oxide ceramics. They are accepted in today as ideal dental material thanks to their high durability, bio-adaptability, good chemical stability and natural views. They are produced in CAD/ CAM technology and they enable to restore back group teeth thanks to their superior mechanical features. Zirconium shapes, produced in block versions, are produced with computer supported CAD/ CAM technology and are 5 times stronger than the porcelain crown.

Disadvantages of using Zirconium Crown

One of the disadvantages of zirconium crown is that many dentists still prefer golden crowns.

Another disadvantage is that they can almost never be destroyed. There is high possibility to wear girgina out because of their strong structure. Decay cannot be realized under zircon or tooth root. Tooth decay can only be seen when crown is removed.

What is the cost of Zirconium?

Zirconium crown prices vary depending on the country.



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