I am Grateful to You for Making Me Be Reborn

Imagine a person, a hero who sheds light to the people in the world in shaping their fates without any personal interest, I believe words fail to describe him. My weight-gaining started at 7, after I lost my grandfather who brought me up, who was a father to me, which more than reduced the quality of my life, I was running towards death day by day, I was weak in my difficult struggle with life, I stood up by getting help from therapists as much as I could whenever I had difficulty in standing strong, if you call that living.

The medication I used in ignorance in the past messed up my thyroids and psoriasis gradually spread throughout my body. I was officially a walking pharmacy then. And of course I had a mediocre appearance, think about it, only someone who went through these can understand, you are a young person, but you can only wear the clothes which old people wear in huge size or mostly you prefer to stay home and live your life in jail. How can you not, it’s impossible to ignore the gazes that stare at you as if you are a bogeyman the moment you step outside.

The exercises, diets, efforts are of help to only some extent if the mechanisms of your body are not strong. I decided in a long time to resolve it through medical support. I met doctor Barış Gülgez by the help of a friend, I am so lucky to have met him, I thank to him for supporting me so persistently. He took my dreams, my goals and the things I wished manage rather than my doubts and fears and gave this light in my hands. And the beautiful life and my self-confidence now, my life in short, he created a princess with a magic wand. For me, doctor Barış Gülgez is not only a doctor. He is much more than a doctor. DEAR DOCTOR, I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR HELPING ME GET REBORN BY TOUCHING MY LIFE WITH YOUR MAGICAL HANDS A MAGICAL WAND, I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE KNOWN YOU I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH )))